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Against All Odds: Trump Reelected Political Essay

Buy argumentative essay Trump, buy argumentative essay President Trump, argumentative essay Trump vs Biden

Buy argumentative essay Trump, buy argumentative essay President Trump, argumentative essay Trump vs Biden

I thought we would be waking up to a new Presidency and new beginning. However, the reality once again showed me how capricious and unpredictable the reality can be.

Donald Trump 290 votes to Joe Biden 163.

President Trump defeated Joe Biden in the race for President. We have to live with 4 more years of what many critics call racist, homophobic, xenophobic ideology. During the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, the U.S. has gone through one crisis after the other. The list of the now President of America is long. 

We have alienated our European allies. We have negotiated with our enemies, including Russia. Many would argue that the President was effective in his first tenure from 2016 to 2020. To be fair, we must look at the positive and negative aspects of the Trump Presidency. At the beginning of his Presidency, Trump instituted a ban on Muslims who wanted to enter the U.S.

He decreased the number of refugees who could enter our country. President Trump also blamed key figures in the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton for tarnishing his reputation and spying him.

Trump used nepotism and hired his children as his closest aides and provided them with government clearances. He spent taxpayer dollars for vacations and secret service for the first lady, while she was living in New York instead of at the White House. He allowed Russia and Putin to meddle in the US elections. Trump fired anyone who disagreed with him. He passed a comprehensive tax plan, which critics say will do more harm than good. It helped fellow businessmen but not the average joe. 

What about immigration and immigrants?

Special attention must be paid to the issue of immigration and President Trump’s harsh stance against it. Despite America being the nation of the immigrants, Trump fights the newcomers with all his zeal and available legal as well as financial might. You can read more on the subject in our earlier article, “Immigration in the US Argumentative Essay”. 

Buy argumentative essay trump, buy argumentative essay President Trump, argumentative essay Trump vs Biden

Furthermore, Trump signed an executive order to provide a tax holiday for the low and middle class. However, the same people will end up paying double taxes in the 2021 and their paychecks will get smaller. COVID cases are on the rise in the United States. The total cases in the United States was 9 million plus in October 2020. The number of deaths has been 228,000. Quite in contrast to Trump’s winning speeches, in the past two weeks, there has been a 41% increase in COVID cases.

The President has a blatant disregard for mask mandates, encouraged people not to wear masks. Trump also contracted COVID, but says he is cured and now immune. However, there is no FDA approved vaccine at this time. 

On the equality front, He has not condemned White supremacists, arguing that there were fine people on each side when a riot turned violent with the young female dying amidst the calamity in Charlottesville. Interestingly enough, President Trump labeled the Black Lives Matter representatives as a terrorist group. He does not believe in science or global climate change, taking funding away from the FDA and EPA and took science off of their websites.

We still do not know what exactly Trump is going to change or build (perhaps a new wall) in his new tenure. He has disrespected law enforcement and the military and offended several gold star families. President Trump is determined to overturn the Affordable Care Act and leave 29.8 Americans without health insurance.

In addition, critics argue that more than 1.2 million jobs would be lost.

People with preexisting conditions and young adults would not have access to insurance. Another four years is definitely not going to be easy under newly elected President Trump. 

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At the same time, to be fair, Trump supporters have a different perspective on what the President has accomplished during his presidency. According to the Trump administration, the President has effectively handled the COVID-19 crisis. He closed the borders to ensure that no foreigners especially Chinese and Europeans spread the “China Virus.” He set up a taskforce. The election was fair and there was no meddling. All the ballots were counted.

Trump supporters showed out at the polls and the President won a decisive victory. The poll watchers made sure that all votes were valid. President Trump made America great again over the course of his presidency, the supporters claim. The economy is better than ever. Companies increased the number of employed individuals 76 months in a row under the Trump administration. Unemployment is 4.7% which is a 10-year low.

Overall, GDP is increasing at a rate of approximately 2.5% annually. 

However, what many forget is the Obama Administration left a healthy economy. The Trump administration replaced multiple justices on the Supreme Court to give the conservatives the advantage over liberals. According to Trump supporters Amy Coney Barrett will be an excellent addition to the Supreme Court. She is a Christian woman who will help overturn Roe v. Wade.  

There is now an unfair advantage in the Supreme Court because the conservative vote is 6-3. President Trump created a comprehensive tax plan to help common Americans. The tax holiday will give American citizens some relief after the COVID crisis. Some people were happy to see taxes temporarily decrease, but will pay dearly in the end. President Trump signed the stimulus bill, which provided money to American families to assist them during the COVID crisis. Businesses were given money to start over. However, many businesses that desperately needed the money did not receive it. 

Buy argumentative essay Trump, buy argumentative essay President Trump, political essay President Trump, political essay Trump vs Biden

On a positive note, voter turnout has been historic. Millions of people voted by mail or early to ensure that their votes counted. The problem was that although Joe Biden won the popular vote; he failed to secure the electoral college. Many argue that the electoral college is an archaic method of voting that should be replaced. The popular vote should be considered.

It was necessary as the United States was growing into a nation. However, the population is a lot of larger and more people are able to vote. Many fear that our country will be unrecognizable after the second Trump administration. I will pray for our country and American citizens at home, in the territories and abroad. 

God Bless America.